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Cascade Beer Candi Syrup Recipes and Brewing Resources
Below is a list of some of our award winning beer recipes and other helpful brewing information. Click on the title of the recipe below to download a detailed recipe.
How to use Cascade Beer Candi Syrups
What is Candi Syrup?
History and Style of Belgian Beers
Step by step instructions for using Cascade Beer Candi Syrups
Beer Brewing Resources
HopUnion Hop Handbook
Current list of hops varities from HopUnion
BA 2014 Complete Beer Style Guidelines
2014 Brewers Association beer style guidelines
Beer Flavor Wheel
A diagram showing beer flavors and aromas
Wyeast Home Brewing Style Guidelines
Wyeast Yeast Guide
WhiteLabs Belgian Yeast Strains
Grain-to-Extract Conversion Table
Here is a simple table to use to convert grain into LME and DME
Frequently Asked Questions
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How and when do I use Belgian Candi Syrups?
For our standard candi syrups (clear, blonde, amber and dark), our recommendation is to add the syrup to your wort with ten minutes left in the boil or at flame out. You should use our standard syrups at a rate of 12%-20% of the recipe formulation.
How much flavored candi syrups should I use for my beer recipe?
A really simple way to taste how the flavor syrups will blend with your beer is to make a simple tea using the method below.

If you already have your wort/beer made, remove 10oz of finish beer from the kettle or carboy. Take one teaspoon of syrup then stir it into the beer and taste. This ration would be at 100% or one full jar per 5 gallons of beer. You can adjust from there to meet your taste profile. If you don't have your wort/beer available you can use 10 oz of warm water.
When Should I added my flavor syrup to my beer?
We recommend using the flavor syrups just after high krausen while the yeast is still active and very healthy. Add the syrup directly into the carboy and stir/shake well. Any oxygen introduced into you beer will be eaten by the yeast during the final fermentation. This allows for the flavor and aroma to maintain it maximum profile for your finished beer.
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